Tale of The Hessians

Tale of the Hessians @ Garden Wall Wissahickon Valley Park Philadelphia, PA

You can read little bits of this story on some other forums. I don't think the events of this story have ever been confirmed. The American Revolution took place in parts of the Wissahickon Valley Park in 1777. You can certainly read up on the Battle of Germantown. The British troops were spread out in the Germantown section of Philadelphia and the Continental Army was in the area surrounding Whitemarsh Township. The British forces hired the Hessians to help them fight during the American Revolution. These were soldiers from Germany. The house in the woods between both sides was the Livezey House. The Continental Army was using this house as one of their headquarters. Some of the old photos show the house as being the headquarters for George Washington. On October 4, 1777, the Continental Army led a surprise attack against the British. It didn't go so well, and they were forced to retreat in the woods. Here is some info on that story. Some of the Hessians ran after them in the woods. The Hessians were captured by the Continental Army and brought to the Livezey house. The soldiers were lined up and executed in front of the garden at the house. To this day, the ghosts of the Hessians have haunted that area.