Inns of the Wissahickon

Welcome Sign for the Inns of the Wissahickon

You would have no idea that the Inns of the Wissahickon even existed if you were walking the trails. There is a major lack of information on the history of them. We do know a few things. The inns had a dinner special of catfish and waffles and some had exotic animals for entertainment. There was one thing that caused them all to eventually close. That would be the ban of alcohol. Sadly, the history of them has pretty much disappeared. We have two of the Inns standing today and five of them were demolished with no markers.  You can get some clues of the old locations if you search for old pictures and try to read the history forum sites. I found this old map below after I attempted my research.  It is the only map that shows actual locations that I have seen. I was pretty much guessing.

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“Map reproduction courtesy of the Norman B. Leventhal Map & Education Center at the Boston Public Library”